《The Legend of the Fox Demon》[The Legend of the Fox Demon] - The Fox

The next day came quickly and the two avoided each other. Leo woke up earlier than the royal, once more doing his morning routine of stretching, exercising, and showering. This caused the royal to wake up with a very upset expression.

”Ugh, what time is it? ” The royal groaned out from underneath his pillow.

”Four thirty ” Leo said calmly as he exercised.

”4:30?! Are you nuts?! ” The royal lifted themselves out of their bed as they asked Leo with tired eyes.

”I always get up at around four. ” Leo replied with an innocent face.

The royal just stared at him with tired eyes before eventually pulling out his phone in defeat. Seeing this, Leo continued on until it was almost seven. Then Leo left for class and the royal left not long after.

Sitting in Ethans class it seemed as though all the seats would finally be filled. By the time Ethan entered they in fact were!

Leo even managed to hear Ethan mumble, ”Thank **… ” although not very professional, Leo agreed.

Ethan walked to the front of the class and shouted, ”And now! The moment youve all been waiting for! Soul realms! ” He raised his hands in the air in a very excited manner.

Too bad most of the class just stared at him, silently urging him to get on with it.

Ethan coughed awkwardly, ”Okay, okay, I get it. Nobody ever wants fun… All right, where to start? ” He tapped his foot on the ground while thinking.

Most of the students were just flabbergasted that he hadn thought of how to even approach the subject after all this time.

”Okay, lets start here. All demons and angels have a soul realm. It is not to be confused as a soul. Every living thing has a soul, just not a soul realm. Think of the soul as you, and the soul realm as a house. Its not the best analogy because it ignores humans, but it kind of works. Your soul realm is basically a different realm only you can access. The bigger the soul realm, the more power you generally have.

”You need to channel your soul realm into the soul, then into the body, to manifest it into the real world. Its much easier than it sounds. But there are some things you need to be aware of.

”You have four things to be aware of, and this may get a little confusing, but Ill try my best to simplify it. First off you have a permanent pool. This is the maximum amount of magic youll be able to use at any one time, it is permanent unless you do the fourth thing, which well discuss momentarily. The second is potential pool, this is how much you can currently use of the permanent pool before the strain gets too much for your body. This amount can be increased through training. Third is active pool, this is how much you have in your potential pool before reaching the point of stress and your body gives out.

”Basically, think of three bars. One measures the best you can ever achieve. The second measures what you can achieve now, and the third measures how much you can use until reaching your potential pool cap and you pass out.

”As for the fourth thing to be aware of is, well, your permanent pool is only semi-permanent. There is something incredibly dangerous and will ruin your career, if not your life, if you use it. Leaking your soul realm. You can leak your permanent pool into reality, this will create a massive spike in power, but your permanent pool will shrink accordingly. If your permanent pool is reduced to nothing, you will die. Doing this will make your pool rapidly disappear as well so most people can only do it for a few seconds before dying. Basically, leaking your soul realm skips the channeling into the body step, going straight to reality. Generally, this is only possible through a tear, in other words you need a way to skip channeling into your body, this can be done easily through wounds, but can be done in other, more complicated, ways.

”So, be careful when your injured, and if you intend to leak your soul realm, only use it as a last resort.

”While entering your soul realms, you can reside there, but your body will stay in the real world. Im telling you this because generally they exist as the soul sees itself, so youll naturally find it very calming there. Keep this in mind so you don stay in your soul realm any more than necessary, to avoid getting stabbed or something in real life. Lets see, what else, actually, I think thats it. I know its confusing, but youll get used to it quickly. ”

The class continued with his explaining various theories about the soul realm as well as answering any questions the class had. But the class came to an end, and everyone walked full of vigor to the dirt field.

Mr. Griffith stood there watching some nearby crows cawing in the trees. He only looked at his students after they all sat down in the grass, next to the field.

”Once you learn how to access your soul realm, hopefully today, youll start our fourth curriculum, which is specifically for whatever class you are. ” He rubbed his temples, ”Lets hope today goes smoothly, soul realms are tricky business at first, but they get much easier to manage. ”

He walked closer to his students.

”Alright, all of you listen and listen good. Some of mightve already noticed it, but your soul realm actively wants to be opened. It is also very easy to open and enter. But if you remember, it is also a very calming place. Some find it hard to leave and want to stay there. Do not stay