《The Legend of the Fox Demon》[The Legend of the Fox Demon] - The First Prince(2)

police were quick to arrive, their sirens drowned out by the gunfire from William, who had seemingly pulled a rifle out of nowhere. When the police arrived, they quickly fired upon Johns squad, who, learning from the teen, retreated to hide in the sewers. They split up and ran in different directions once they reached the sewers.

John seeing that his backup was sent away by the police and that the police were supporting the apostle could only groan. Then his legs were suddenly ensnared by the plants, and he couldn move. In fact, he fell over from the sudden stop and more plants dogpiled him.

Seeing this the apostle pounced at John and swung his sword down. John narrowly avoided it and grabbed the blade. Although he had strong scales covering him, the blade was exceptionally sharp.

It was designed to cut and pierce and not chop, hence him not once swinging towards John haphazardly. It was also why the blade was much sharper than most normal swords as it only had that one purpose.

Meaning, when John gripped the blade, it started digging into his hand, slipping between the scales. It made his hand start to bleed and caused his grip to loosen. Not soon after, the sword was ripped away from him. The apostle pulled it back and stabbed towards Johns neck.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three shots echoed between the buildings, muffled slightly by the rain. One struck the apostle in the chin, and the other two struck his chest. The apostle slightly stumbled backwards and slowly fell to his knees. His eyes were widened, and he was bleeding rapidly.

The now jawless apostle fell over and started pulling himself towards John. As he did, his blood trailed along the concrete and plants, but was quickly being washed away by the water from the rain.

He reached John after some time and collapse on Johns chest without being able to do anything. John lightly patted the apostles head.

”It was nice to see you again, Sebastian. ” John said in a slightly sad voice as the plants around him started to wither away. John rested there for a moment as the police struggled to make their way towards John.

John stood up and gently placed Sebastian on the concrete where a nice little bed of moss had yet to wither. Then John disappeared from the scene entirely.

What nobody had noticed was the teen from before crawling through the thorny bushes, trying to reach the dead gunman from earlier. The teen had already made it to safety, but for some reason decided to help John. After reaching the gun, his body was covered in small cuts, but he crawled back through. After reaching his previous safe spot, he fired the three shots with expert decision and left through the sewers.

After leaving the scene, John called the other three and they met up at the warehouse. They needed a place to lie low and this place seemed perfect. The other three were just as confused as John had been when they arrived.

The locals stayed away from the party like before, but they didn shoo them away this time. Probably because they noticed them bleeding and being completely wet from the rain. They rested and cleaned their wounds in a secluded corner of the strange warehouse. After a while it was night and they decided to get some rest. John on the other hand rarely slept, for some reason he didn need to sleep that much.

But this caused him to usually sleep during the day, so he was nearly as pale as the teen from before, he also had deep bags under his eyes. So, instead of sleeping, John headed towards the teens house.

When he arrived, he entered nonchalantly and started searching through the books for something to read. Eventually he found an old book about an ancient demon legend.

The demon had been banished a long time ago and his body was killed. But the demon managed to keep his soul together and he started travelling to different worlds. It was a famous book because it was written over the course of centuries, using the knowledge of different time periods to make compelling stories.

In fact, the book was based off of a real demon. The real demons name was Adrian Auclair, but because the demon who wrote the book didn want to be cursed, he changed it to Mathias Leafe.

John flipped the book open started reading. But his heart skipped a beat in the next second.

”You should at least knock before entering someones home. ”

John quickly looked over and saw the teen staring at him in a dark corner of the room.

”You scared the shit out of me! ” He quietly shouted.

”And you broke into my house, twice, or technically thrice. ”

A silence grew between the two as they stared at each other.

”Whyd you go back last time? ” John asked.

”A family heirloom. ”

”Whyd you kill those people? ”

”Because I wanted to. ”

”I feel like theres more to it than that. ”

”Obviously. ”

The silence came back after Johns rapid-fire questions ended.

”Who are you… and what are you? ” John asked staring at the teen.

Instead of answering, the teen asked a question of his own, ”That was an apostle, right? ”

”Correct. ”

”Did they die? ”

”Probably not. They
e tougher than most. ”

”I see… ” He looked down, in his lap was the box he had grabbed earlier. He opened the box and lifted the object inside up.

It was a silver bell that hung on a crimson ribbon. The bell itself was weirdly silent and very cold. The teen didn care and just put it on his neck and tucked it under his shirt.

It didn escape him that Johns eyes widened upon seeing the bell, although he tried to hide it.

The teen looked up and stared into Johns eyes. Eventually the teen spoke, ”My name is Leonardo Blight, First Prince of the Kings. ”

John slightly tilted his head. He slightly opened his mouth before closing it. He repeated this a few times and they sat in silence once more.

Eventually John shook his head and said, ”Give me a reason to believe that. Because there are a million reasons why I shouldn . ”

”How many half-bloods are in the middle of bum** nowhere and even have a slight comprehension of what goes on with the Kings? Ill even go a step further and tell you things even you probably don know. ”

”… ” John was silent, only listening to the person in front of him.

”My father, Felix Blight, is the only demon King to have died. He was killed by the other two demon Kings. My mother, Lily Blight, originally Elizabeth Dalloway, was the first angel created by the angel Kings. She was recaptured by the angels. My mothers capturing and my fathers death both happened semi-recently. ”

John narrowed his eyes after hearing this, he asked a question.

”Then why are you so young? When were you born? ”

Without missing a beat, Leonardo said, ”Because of my dormancy, something in which I have no say or control over. And I cannot answer your second question as I only have a handful of memories of my parents, none of which include my birthdate. But I suspect I am technically very old, although mentally and physically I am the youngest of the princes. ”

John leaned back in his seat, sitting upright.

”Mind if I smoke? ” John said as he took out his cigarettes.

”If you smoke, Im going to slap the shit out of you. ” Leonardo answered clearly.

”Allll right… ” He hesitated slightly but put them away in the end, ”I believe you by the way. About you being the first prince. Its very classified that he, well, you, were dormant for, well, practically forever. ”

John said, standing up, ”As a Knight of the Abyss, it is my duty and honor to serve underneath you. ”

He bowed towards Leonardo, ”Tell me to jump, and I shall only ask how high. Please give me orders. ”

”I don care about any of that. ” Leonardo muttered.

John looked up and eventually stopped bowing when Leonardo spoke no further.

e different from the other princes. I assumed that you would want to reclaim your birthright, not that I expect a new King to be selected anytime soon to replace your father. ”

”As I said, I don care about that. ”

”Then what do you care about? ”

”Do you really want to know? ”

”Yes sir. ”

”Drop the sir. And you
e not to let anyone know about this, not even your squad mates. ”

”Yes s- ” He caught himself, ”Yes Leonardo. ”

”Just call me Leo. That was an order before, me asking you not to tell anyone. Another order is that you
e going to be my confidant. Now… Im sure you noticed the patterns. ”

”Yes, people relating to the government, military, and weapon manufacturing. ”

”Its not doing much, they
e all puppets for the angels. I was hoping to kickstart the war, but I doubt thatll be happening until the angels or demons want it to. ” Leo said as he placed a finger on his temple.

”… ” John was completely silent.

”So, then I was hoping to get lucky with someone where the humans would start the war. I also needed souls. ”

”Yes, I wanted to ask you about that. If you
e a half-blood, why do you smell like an angel? ”

”Don worry about it, but I will die if I don eat souls. My body isn balanced anymore, it leans towards angelic, so I need demonic blood. I found that consuming souls can temporarily substitute the blood though. ” Leo said, he continued, ”But starting the war with the humans wasn panning out either, I was going to give up and go somewhere else. But then you showed up. ”

John looked slightly saddened as he looked at Leo. Then Leo did something that replaced his sadness with shock.

Leo bowed to John and asked him, ”Please, can you take care of me? This isn an order, but a request from the bottom of my heart. Help me accomplish my dream. ”

”Your dream? ”

”To massacre the angels who took my mother and to eviscerate the demons who killed my father. ” He looked angrily at John and said in a harsh tone.

John replied after some time had passed, ”It would be my honor… ”